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Thread: Some Fla. residents plan armed trick-or-treating after creepy clown threats

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    Some Fla. residents plan armed trick-or-treating after creepy clown threats

    Kimberly Kersey said she’d carry a gun while taking her sons trick-or-treating in Palm Bay. “I’ll be carrying for sure,” she said. “I’m terrified of clowns already and if one messes with me or my kids it’ll be to the hospital or morgue they go.”

    Police typically increase patrols for Halloween. Some law enforcement officials have urged people to reconsider dressing up as clowns to avoid inadvertently endangering themselves. “The problem is that someone dressed like a clown could scare someone and there’s a possibility -- a possibility -- you could end up with someone getting shot,” said Palm Bay Police Lt. Mike Bandish.

    Do Kreepy Klowns enjoy some form of castle doctrine or SYG in Florida?
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    nothing like expressed published bravado to led the DA to a premeditated finding...

    nice LE condoning the action cuz the nice clown could scare someone...geez

    emmett, red, etc., must be turning over in their graves...

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