Whether I am carrying open or concealed, I tend to be more outwardly friendly and courteous. I tend to be even more friendly and courteous when I am open carrying. I try to be nice normally, but I sometimes go out of my way when I am carrying. I think it is important to show others that gun owenrs/carriers are not the paranoid sociopaths as depicted by the media. I always want people around me to have a positive perception of me, just in case. Anybody elsecare to comment?

Oh, one more thing...I would like to thank everybody that posts here at OPENCARRY.ORG (OCDO). I also browse PACKING.ORG (PDO) and I have found the posts at OCDO exibita more friendly, conversatinal tone than the latter. PDO seems to have a lot of "experts" who are never wrong...which leads to a lot of childish bickering. I am very happy to see that OCDO is free of these kinds of attitudes (so far). Thanks again for all the great advice and opinions!!! I hope that didn't sound to touchy-feely...or LIBERAL!! HAHA!! Be safe all...and God Bless!!