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Thread: Charlottesville Open Carry Experiences

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    Hi, I am new to this forum. Just thought I'd share some places that I have open carried successfully in Charlottesville.

    - Target
    - TGI Fridays
    - Harris Teeter
    - Grand Piano and Furniture
    - Walmart
    - Everyday Convenience Stores
    - Burger King, 5th Street
    - Red Lobster
    - Ivy Creek and Ragged Mountain nature areas

    The kid at BK asked if I was a cop. I said "No". After a long pause, he asked if I had a permit. I said "yes, but I don't need one unless I am concealing the gun." He said "Oh" and carried on smartly.

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    I'm glad to hear that it has gone so well for you. I lived in Charlottesville for two years just after I finished college. I wasn't carrying at that point, but I have always had the impression that Charlottesville would be one of the least carry-friendly places in Virginia, especially with the high concentration of academics and internationals. I hope my impression was wrong.

    I may have to try OCing in Charlottesville if I get over there while I'm back in Virginia in July.

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    I've OC'd in the following places

    -Sheetz in ruckersville
    -Movie Gallery again in ruckersville
    -Game Stop in the new Hollymead shopping center

    I used to work at Movie Gallery and the guy I worked with said that when I walked in with a Taurus 617 on my hip, he thought for sure he was getting robbed! He never said anything at the time though. Sheetz has no problem with OCing. I've had several conversations about the 617 at Game Stop, all friendly in nature. So far C'ville seems to be pretty OC friendly.

    I think I also OC'd in target as well. Got a few dirty looks but that's about it.

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