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Thread: ore Open Carry Experience

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    I decided to open carry today. I had already OC'ed in the Kroger in Arlington and no one even batted an eye at me.

    Today, I was again at the Kroger, I went to the Subway at the Exxon next to the I-40 on/off ramp. I went to the Dollar store. All this was with the Wife and kids in tow. And, yet again, no one even blinked at me. I swear, I don't think anyone even noticed that I had a gun on my right hip.

    Some of the places I went today while open carrying:
    1. Kroger
    2. Exxon gas station / Subway sandwich shop
    3. Baskin Robins Ice Cream shop.
    4. Movie Gallery
    5. Lowe's

    With it being hot as all blazes, I am really starting to love open carry.

    Glad I moved to Tennessee. Now if we can just get the stupid restaurant carry law fixed, this could be just about perfect.

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    Amen to relief from the heat!... I hate sweating on my gun.

    I was in a gas-station a few weeks ago, OCing, and the guybehind me in line asked me: "zat a nine?", when I turned around to go...

    I calmly replied: "Is what?"...

    then he specified: "Yo' gat"...

    "Oh... no, this is a 45"...

    "You a cop?"...

    "No, just a regular guy who makes the extra effort.You can't be too careful these days"

    And I walked out... I got the impression the clerk was sorry to see me leave, But the other fellow certainly didn't know what to make of me...


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