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Thread: New Jersey---Tightening gun control on agenda

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    Tightening gun control on agenda

    Wednesday, June 28, 2006 By EARL MORGAN JOURNAL STAFF WRITER

    Guns will be on the minds, and on the agenda, at tonight's Jersey City City Council meeting, scheduled to start at 6 in City Hall, 280 Grove St.

    An ordinance to limit handgun buyers' purchases to one per 30-day period and a second measure banning the sale of so-called "Saturday Night specials" are to be considered on second reading.

    Members of the National Rifle Association as well as Frank Caso, the only licensed gun dealer in Jersey City, are expected to attend and protest the ordinances.
    Each ordinance was changed after Caso and gun enthusiasts came to complain at the council's June 14 meeting.

    In other business, the City Council may also hear more about an agreement that's been negotiated with the owner of 110-111 First St. that will allow the buildings, a former artists colony, to be converted into luxury apartments.

    Sources say the deal may involve the city overlooking some or all of the $70 million in fines the city has leveled against the two buildings. In return, building owner Lloyd Goldman would likely drop a $100 million lawsuit against the city, pay at least $1 million to the city and provide 100 or more units of affordable housing.

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    NJ is most likely like KA, a lost cause. I wish the patriots there good luck in their battle.

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