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Thread: Great interaction with a citizen.

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    On Thursday, June 29, 2006, I was out and about running some errands after work. I was open carrying at the Dollar General in Madison Heights, VA. While I was looking for some items, a middle aged man struck up a conversation with me regarding me carrying the firearm. He was curious to know why I was carrying. I explained to him my reasons for carrying a firearm about my person. Nonetheless, he indicated to me, (respectfully),that he was not a lover of firearms. He explained that he had lost several family members to gun violence throughout the years. I was compassionate to this person' views. I did not view this encounter as a "I am right for what I believe" and "you are wrong for what you believe" type of encounter. I think it was a simple conversation between two mature individuals with different views. The conversation, I felt, was very pleasant. I did not feel it was my "duty" or "call" to sway this person' beliefs, nor did he try to do otherwise. He was curious to know if I get referred to law enforcement because I open carry a firearm. I then explained that I am a Probation/Parole Officer with the Commonwealth, but I don't go "advertising" it.I then explained to him I amjust a law abiding citizen. We then joked around about the upcoming holiday weekend and having to deal with incoming family, BBQ's,yard work, etc.. Overall, a great encounter. I wish we all could have more encounters like this. The key to this encounter was that we were two maturepeople with different views, but still able to have a respectful conversation.

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    Nicely done. The man still may be "no lover of firearms", but at least he may now have a better appreciation of the folks like us who are comfortable carrying for defense of self and family. Had you been contentious or irritable, he would have come away with a very different impression.

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