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Thread: Getting a new "toy" tomorrow.

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    Getting a new BUG tomorrow. My mother and father are coming to visit me from Alabama. My mom is bringing me her old Colt Junior .25 APC.

    Anyone have any experience with these little pistols? If so, what do you think? I've never owned a true "mouse" gun. From the pictures I've seen, it looks like it will make a nice 3rd carry option ina wallet holster.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Grand Puba View Post
    I'm surprised that the forum is not going crazy with warnings about
    Illegal interstate transfers!
    I think it's fine your folks want to hand down a little treasure.
    I don't know about Junior's, but it is a Colt!
    PM sent - read it!

    You have established a pattern already of posting to extremely necro threads - bad form, doesn't appear to be accidental.
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