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    Post imported post is on a roll and it's time to raise our sights & communicate with all of America and not just fellow true believers!

    With over 300 registered members who are constantly helping to improve the OpenCarry database, it's time to move to the next level and wield like a torch to shine some truth into the deep dark corners where the press, political operatives, and fellow citizens often dwell when it comes to gun rights issues, especially open carry.

    I'd ask everyone on this board to try to keep alert for opportunities to write letters to the editor about open carry rights & also provide information & advice to members of the media, politicians, and others about open carry. Most online news articles now print the email address of the writer - use that address to make respectful comments re: news coverage and plug as a good reference source.

    Always be nice (sugar beats vineger!) - you know more than most folks on this tiopic, even veteran reporters!

    Here is an example of what to email a reporter or political commentator who gets things mixed up on carry rights - say for example a reporter in VA writes: "...the police arrested the man in the car for having an unlicensed gun."

    Dear Mr./Ms. [insert name of reporter]:

    Good report at [insert URL]. However, your report erred slightly on the "unlicensed gun" bit.

    In VA, like most states, Americans don't need any license to own a gun. Perhaps what you meant to say that the man was arrested for possessing a concealed handgun without holding a concealed handgun permit. The open carry of handguns does not require any license in VA, whether on foot or in vehicles. For more reference on this topic, see


    Your Name

    Your Phone Number (the reporter might wish to call you and interview you; he/she may wish to photograph you open carrying too - video news sources may run your "story" as a lead story)

    And here's an example of what to perhaps tell your local politician who claims he's pro-gun in a pro-gun state like TX, FL, SC, AK, & AR that prohibits open carry even by permit holders:

    Dear Mr./Ms./Representative/Senator/Governor [insert name of politician/candidate]:

    I read about your recent pro-gun comments at [provide URL], thank you for supporting freedom. However, please consider that [insert name of state] is not as pro-gun in practice as we should be because state law prohibits even permit holders from openly carrying handguns in daily life. Did you know that 43 states allow citizen open carry, most without requiring any license at all?
    Please check out [/b] and compare [insert name of state]'s open carry ban to the open carry freedoms held by the citizens of most states.

    I look forward to hearing from you in this matter.

    Your Name[/b]

    Your Address

    [/b]Your Phone Number [/b]

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    Post imported post

    This should be a sticky.

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