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Thread: Just one Week and cheep too !

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    Though this is not a "storie from the states". I thought I'd share this with our friends in PA.

    I'll be making a short visit to PA at the end of the month, staying about one week. As PA has no reciprocity with TN, I thought it would be a good idea to get an out of state permit.

    Wow, that was fast, I sent my application on Friday last week, and received my permit today (Friday). That's just a one week turn around. It took 45 days to get my TN permit. I was a little worried I had waited to long and would have to go on vacation with out my permit.

    I know I could OC the whole time without the permit

    however, with some regret I will be some anti folksat one time or another.


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    Everybody should know by now, but no SSN is needed to get a LTCF in PA - just write "Not disclosed, if any" in that block.

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