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    Hubby and I went to Sam's yesterday - just on a whim - to see what might be available.

    Looking at cell phones, I walked up behind a woman whom I didn't recognize as an employee. I tried not to disturb her, but she turned around at that moment, and I startled her. Then she said I scared her twice, and I asked why. She pointed to my handgun. When I said "Remember, bad guys aren't usually so open about it." she agreed and we had a great conversation. She called in two other employees, noted my husband's .45, and all was good.

    Then we were looking at oriental rugs. Had a GREAT conversation with a father/son pair who didn't realize open carry was legal - nothing but support there.

    On leaving, the checkout clerk noted the eagle on my credit card (I forgot Sam's doesn't take credit cards) and asked about it. He said he had an AF logo, but was going to get that one. I said I chose not to get the AF, and when he learned I was retired military, said "Oh, that's why you can carry a gun." Another chance to say no, that's not why, and to educate. Guy behind me got into the conversation too.

    All in all, a great day.

    Had also OC'd at Coleman Power Sports before going to Sam's

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    Now THISis really the way to go, IMHO!

    My hat is well and truly off to you, Madam!


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