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Thread: Kristopher Baumann chairman of the DC FOP

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    Was watching NewsTalk live today (7/25/2006) and a woman called to ask where the guns were coming from that all the people had in DC. (

    OfficerBaumann did not blame it on Virginia. He did make a statement -I am paraphasing, I will look for the transcripts a little later:

    "part of the problem is people getting guns to defend themselves, or to use in the drug trade."

    I tried to call and ask; since there is a crime emergency, and by his own admission, they are not enough officers to response to call - including ones that people are in danger of injury - what is the problemwith law abiding citizens arming themselves for defense.

    I didn't get through in time. Was on hold until the end of the program.

    Would have been nice to hear a response. Hopefully it would be something besides DC has a gun ban. Well, I was kinda hoping that would have been the answer because I could have asked about the drop in crimes in places like Flordia over the past 14 years.

    I am going to look at who is part of this crime emergency and start asking why they leave law abiding citizens defenseless against criminals with knifes, crowbars, guns, and baseball bats?

    Time to repeal the DC gun ban.

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    Kudos to you, possumboy, for taking the trouble to call in about this stuff. I really need to get my sorry butt in gear, and, Lord forbid, become more of an ACTIVIST!

    It is too easy to live in a gun friendly State, where one tends to forget that not all of us enjoy the freedoms afforded to us in KY and VA, for example.


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    Theres another reason not to bring your vehicle into the District of Columbia...

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