I visited Colorado on my Harley (from Ohio) in Mid-June. I did not have a CHL at the time, so knowing that I was a potential target (out of state, $20,000 bike that can be carried away)I took advantage of the ability to carry concealed while driving, then to remain open carrying while out of the vehicle. It did not seem strange to me to carry concealed on the bike. Perfectly normal, and actually made me feel good and safe. Getting off of the bike and revealing was a little strange at first. I kept it to just at gas stations at first though. I did not feel awkward open carrying while refueling or getting a quick drink. But when I pulled into restaurant parking lots, I just felt uneasy about entering the facilty openly armed, so I would take it off in the parking lot and lock it in the saddlebag. I know that I was within the law, but carrying was knew to me.

By the end of the trip, I was open carrying in Colorado Springs Walgreens. Nobody even noticed. When leaving the state, I open carried on the Harley (Right Hip S&W 357 snubbie) all the way from Colorado Springs to the state line on 24 and 70(The Temperature was dropping, soI put my jacket on, soI had to disarm before I entered Kansas).

I did get a strange stare stare from a tourist at a I70 gas station in Limon. AsI moved about inside, and conversed with the cashier, his eyes were always on my weapon or me.

I planned on open carrying in some of the resort towns, butI felt so safe that I chose to lock it up, rather than go through the possability of the "guy with a gun"call.

OverallI had a great experience open carrying in Colorado and will probably feel more comfortable doing it in more places next time. Certainly this is one of those things that feels more natural the more you do it. The fact that I knew Colorado had recently passed laws upholding open carry made me more confident also.