On Tuesday, August 15, 2006, we had a district wide staff "fun day" for all the Probation/Parole Officers in the 24th Judicial District. The meeting was held at Thousand Trails Campground (405 Mollies Creek Road- Rustburg, VA). Upon entering the campground, I inquired to one of the rangers about their policy about carrying handguns (open/concealed) since I did not notice any posting in the area. The ranger was very eager to discuss the matter. After making some small talk about the laws in Virginia, the ranger indicated that he did not know what their policy was regarding the carrying of firearms on their property. The ranger indicated to me that he would get back to me after he talked to the property manager. I showed the pass for the event and went and parked. I figured in my head that I would never hear back from that guy. Towards the end of our staff "fun day", that same ranger came into our area to open up one of the restrooms and noticed me. He told me that he spoke with his manager and the manager indicated that open carry was permitted as it is the law in Virginia. I inqiured about whether concealed carry was allowed if you had the CHP, the ranger indicated that the manager preferred open carry. The ranger then thanked me for bringing up the matter because he did not know atthe time and also because the matter had never been brought up. My hat is off to this ranger, for at least acknowledging that he did not know the anwer to a question, rather than trying to stumble through and "make-up" something. By the way, the ranger was extremely polite and courteous to me and the other probation/parole officers that he came into contact with that day.