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    To all my fellow Texans on the Open Carry forum (and anyone else that's interested) - it's time to kick-off our campaign to promote Open Carry in Texas! Attached is the first TCDL introductory flier. Take a look and see what you think!I have been consulting with Mr. Van Cleave, President of the VCDL, and he thinks we're on the right track.This is the first small but very important step!

    Here's what you do ... copy the flier to your hard drive and send it via email to every Texan you think will support our cause. Encourage them to send it to alltheir friends. I have established a TCDL email account and all they have to do is click on the email link and send me a message saying something like"Yes! Sign me up!"I have created an email data base and I will periodically send everyone updates and information. The TCDL website will also be up soon. You can also print out the flier and post it in your local gun club or gun shop. If anyone has any questions or comments they may feel free to email me at the TCDL address:

    I sincerely appreciate all of the suggestions and comments I have received from forum members.Please! Take this seriously and lets get the momentum rolling! We need everyone's help!

    Right Now is the time to act! Right Now is the time to be heard!

    Gary Williams (AKA: Arizona-Texan)

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    Looks good. I'll start getting the word out. Let us know what else you need.

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