I live in north Stafford. I've seen a number of posts of people in Fredericksburg, or Culpeper.

Sound off here if you live in either of the followingcounties, hate driving in NOVA (Prince William and north) and would like to get together for an OC meeting and fellowship at a central meeting place.

Stafford, City of Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Culpeper, Southern Fauquier, King George, Orange, Caroline. This is not to exclude anyone in our area that is not listed here. If you live further to the west, like our friend in Barboursville (home to several great VA wineries my wife and I love to visit!) you are welcome to join us if we meet.

If you're like me and work in or around DC, the last thing you want to do is to meet in the evening anywhere near that festering swamp of scum suckers (DC). Between the distance and the traffic, the idea of driving to anywhere in Fairfax (no offense to our brothers and sisters in Fairfax, Arlington, etc) or north in the evening ranks right up there with root canals in my book.

As I look at a map of VA I think a good central meeting point for us would be somewhere in or around Fredericksburg. It would be great for us to show the 2nd Amendment "flag" in our neck of the woods.

Take the poll I've setup here and let us know if there is any interest in meeting. If you want a different location, explain where and why in your reply to this post.