This might be of interest to some folks around here.
David Francis, The Examiner
Sep 28, 2006 5:00 AM (16 hrs ago)
Alexandria is planning an event this Saturday in Old Town’s Market Square to educate residents on how to best prepare for emergencies.

Organizers of the Preparedness Day Expo, which is sponsored by the city and the Alexandria Citizens Corps Council, also hope to inform residents of what the city is doing to prepare for natural disasters and other such situations.
Representatives from Alexandria’s fire, police and EMS departments, as well as members of the Citizens Corp Council, a group of Alexandria residents who receive training in first response, will be on hand to discuss preparedness efforts with the public.
The expo concludes National Preparedness Month, a time when the federal Homeland Security Department urges localities to focus on disaster preparedness.
The event “is to show people what the city is doing,” said Pierre Paret, a member of the citizens corps, who noted that the national themes for preparedness month are be informed, make a plan and get involved.
“Those are the sorts of themes Preparedness Day is built around,” he said.
Paret said the citizens corps and the city are working together on a study on flood response, pandemic flu planning and terrorism response.
Session topics at the event include family preparedness, terrorism, business readiness, protecting your pets and pandemic flu. The expo is expected to run from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.