Saturday evening:

The evening was a social occasion and a chance to network with other like minded people from around the country. It was quite enjoyable getting to know fellow grassroots people and learn about their obstacles and how they overcame them. Further, of almost immeasurable value, the various grassroots organizations got together and compared notes on fundraising, voter education and voter mobilization. We learned that our plans for this fall are very modest in scope. The North Carolina folks have just printed 80,000 voter guides, and the Illinois folks have printed and plan to mail *400,000* voter guides. Clearly we here in Ohio need to find our rainmaker funding sources. Right now we are overly dependent upon force multipliers such as email, forums (i.e. free) sources to distribute our information. While this is a good strategy, it cannot be the only tool in the box.

Several private receptions were held that night, and we circulated among many of them to continue the networking. At the event hosted by Open those few individuals who were not openly armed were appropriately chided (in a polite way) by the others.