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Thread: Prince William County Schools' newsletter about recent school shootings.

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    Prince William County Schools released this statement:

    What worries me is:
    "Each school has emergency and contingency plans in place to respond to weather, weapons, or medical emergencies."

    Why do they only have plans to respond and not plans to prevent? Do you think these murderous bastards would try to "take over" a school if they knew that the staff or teacher may be armed?

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    It's a mind-set, possumboy. Once the SHTF, "this is what we'll do". I agree with you 100% as to prevention and deterrence. The statement of "Daily review of local, national, and global events with our law enforecement partners" is a good thing, but has no relevance to this particular issue. These sad situations happen in a flash and must be prevented, to begin with. My 2 cents...

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