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    This lady gets it.
    "So, why DOES an older lady (60) want to carry a pistol on her hip?
    1. To defend myself and my neighbors against aggression.
    2. To accept the honor and duty to exercise the basic human right to self-defense and arms ownership.
    3. To help others understand their right, and even their duty, to keep and bear arms to defend themselves and those they love.
    4. To serve as a deterrent to crime. Murder, rape, robbery, invasion of private property, all forms of aggression (except most committed by the state, of course) are certainly "illegal," but how many of them would never happen at all if those potential victims - or good citizens nearby - were armed? We seldom hear about those who simply run away and give up the attack.
    5. To put my money (and life) where my mouth is. I've written about all of this for so many years. Now it's time to walk the talk.
    The most useful thing to prevent aggression in any form is an armed and alert population that is willing and able to defend themselves with both deadly and non-deadly force. For this to work, at least SOME of us must be armed and ready to defend ourselves and others ALL THE TIME, not just when we're locked inside our homes.
    So, why open carry? Why not get a CCW and carry concealed? It's still a pain, but at least you don't get the stares... I've heard all of the reasons. And these are mine for not considering it.
    1. Asking for a CCW is begging government for a privilege, not accepting a God given right to self defense.
    2. CCW is instant and permanent gun registration.
    3. There is little or no opportunity to educate others about the right to keep and bear arms if your weapon is hidden.
    4. I'm proud of my rights, and proud that I have the ability and desire to do something meaningful for other people, both in defense if necessary, and to educate them in our shared heritage."

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    Good quotes and a nice site she has. Thanks!

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