I've said it before and I'm saying it again! "Something just doesn't sit well with me with all these recent rashes of school slayings" Naturally, I'm most disgusted with the loss of inncent life but there is something really eerie about ALL of these shootings. PLEASE, please research the massacres that I have listed below and tell me if you don't see some strange similiraties in many, if not all of them. The most obvious similarity is that MOST of them always happen in some far out, relatively isolated area. Then there is the fact that "They" were able to enforce severe gun control immediately after the massacres, ESPECIALLY in Canada, Australia and Great Britian. The citizens"defanged", for the most part! I will leave the other similarities up to YOU to find. Then tell me what you think, if anything at all. But I say "Something ain't right!" Research the shooters, reserach the doctors that studied the shooters, reserach who immediately came in afterwards. Research anything you can find.

Red Lake Massacre


Port Arthur

Pearl High School

Erfurt Massacre

Kip Kinkel Massacre

Canadian Massacre


Jonesboro, Arkansas Massacre