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Thread: Anyone willing to make a pamphlet?

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    Could someone that knows what they are talking about type up a printable flier to carry with an OC weapon, such as the one here:

    This one is from this forum in the California section, and it would be nice to have one on hand to show law enforcement officers, in the off chance that they attempt to arrest you for something that is not illegal, not to mention for interested citizens. Some info to put in there would also be the memo sent out to the Federal Way Police Department....

    I know it may sound lazy for me to ask one of you to do this, but I am not an expert on the subject, and some of you seem to be... If anyone can accomplish this, it would be greatly appriciated.

    Also, is it possible to have an Open Carry walk or ralley or something that the media can be invited to, to spread the word about the legality of it?

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    See my discussion in open carry day thread encouraging mass individual open carry over group mass carry as a general rule.

    Many people carry state specific gun law references with them as a crutch - you should print what you need in your state.

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