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Thread: Utah Non-Resident Permit Class

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    Hey all,

    I will be traveling to MN for the holidays and would like to secure a Utah permit before then since MN doesn't recognize my VA.

    Philip Van Cleave from VCDL is a certified Utah instructor. I'm trying to drum up interest for a Utah class in VA. I'd like to get a headcount before I contact an instructor.

    Anyone interested in the class?

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    I think everyone should get a Utah permit - but it's highly unlikely you can get one before the holidays. They are supposed to issue within 60 days but are running behind due to the high demand for them. I can't remember the exact date I sent mine in but I'm fairly sure it's been more than 60 days.

    Bruce Jackson, another VCDL board member, is also certified. He was holding a class about once a month at Shooter's Paradise in Woodbridge on Sundays.

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