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    Was on my way to work tonight and stopped by the store. I was carrying my .45 in a paddle holster. One of the fire fighters from another dept. was there and asked about it. He then asked "do they ever ask for your license?" I talked with him for a few minutes about the law in VA. He was surprised. He also mentioned that he and his father had wanted to get their CHP, but was told by someone how hard it was and how much they had to go through. I then told him how easy it really was. Again he was surprised and said he was planning to go ahead and get his. There were several people standing in line who heard our converstaion. No troubles at all with their responses. Another citizen educated to the cause.


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    Exactly why OC has such a political upside.

    Else, gun owners are just an anonymous group with little or no interaction with the public.

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