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Thread: Travel to Ohio for Thanksgiving

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    All, I would like some input/feedback for my upcoming trip. I live in VA and have a CHP. Although I usually carry open in holster on strongside. I will be traveling to Ohio, which also recognizes VA CHP. However I will bedriving throughMaryland andPA. Do I have to lock up my handgun seperate from my ammo while traveling through these states? Also, I own an SUV and I don't have a trunk or lockable glovebox. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    Be sure to have your weapon "In plain sight" while holstered on your body in the car. OC is REQUIRED in the car, unless you lock it in your glovebox, which you stated is not an option, or in separate container not accesable to you, which renders it useless. This crazy law gives you another answer for "why do you open carry?". "Because I am required to open carry while driving, and not required to cover it up when I exit my vehicle". (Although "because I am from Virginia" would be fun to use). There is great info at

    Remember, if they serve alcohol, you must disarm in Ohio.

    Also must inform officer if carrying.

    Are you going to Columbus? I know they have some strange California type anti-2a laws there. Not sure what they are. I just stay away from there.

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    IANAL..... in MD unloaded and in a container is the law. According to PDO there is no 'trunk' requirement. However putting in the back of the SUV might be prudent.

    Have you considered just going through WV instead of MD and PA?
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