Here is the letter from Senator George Allen to VCDL on his 
commitment to repeal the National Park gun ban.  It also discusses 
Allen's positions on other gun-related issues:

We have NOT heard back from the Allen campaign on a firm commitment 
to move a National Reciprocity bill forward, so keep making the calls 
to his office.


I have NOT heard from the Jim Webb campaign on ANY of the issues that 
VCDL asked you to call about over the weekend, so keep calling him.


Here are the phone numbers again:

Allen Campaign:

Call Mike Thomas at 703-298-2484
Call Chris LaCivita at 202-907-1055
Fax number: 703-845-7519

Webb Campaign:

Steve Jarding at 703-778-4080 x219
Alternative number: 703-799-9350
Dave Saunders at: 540 761 5021
Fax number: 703-778-4085
Mr. Philip Van Cleave
President, Virginia Citizens Defense League
Post Office Box 513
Newington, Virginia 22122
Dear Phil and Friends of the VCDL:
As you know, I completed and returned numerous gun owners questionnaires, including the Virginia Gun Owners Coalition, the Gun Owners of America and the National Rifle Association. I did so because I feel you have a right to know where I stand beyond my 23 year record as an elected official. My views have been out for public view for some time and are not a last-minute ploy to grab votes by making empty promises. My record and my questionnaire response earned an A rating from Gun Owners of America and an A+ from the NRA.
Beyond the questionnaires, you know where I stand because I have a record to back it up:
(1) As Governor, signed concealed carry reform into law in Virginia
(2) Cosponsored and voted for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act -- S. 397 (enacted into law) in the 109th Congress, S. 659 in the 108th Congress and S. 2268 in the 107th Congress -- to shut down gun industry lawsuits attempting to bankrupt firearms manufacturers, distributors and dealers by holding them responsible or civilly liable for the criminal misuse by others of their lawful products
(3) Voted against the Feinstein amendment to S. 1805 (in the 108th Congress) to reenact or extend the Clinton "assault weapons" ban
(4) Voted against the Kennedy amendment to S. 1805 (in the 108th Congress) to ban hunting ammunition under the guise of "cop-killer bullets"
(5) Voted against the Reed amendment to S. 1805 (in the 108th Congress) to regulate gun shows out of existence
(6) Cosponsor of S. 1082 (District of Columbia Personal Protection Act) -- and cosponsored S. 1414 in the 108th Congress -- to repeal the gun ban and restore the right of self-defense to residents of our nation's capital
(7) Cosponsor of S. 2599 (Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act) and voted for the Vitter amendment to the Homeland Security appropriations bill to prohibit gun confiscation during states of emergency
(8) Sponsor of S. 3275 -- never introduced before in the U.S. Senate and now has 25
cosponsors -- to provide national reciprocity for state carry licenses/permits
(9) Cosponsor of S. 1522 (Hunting Heritage Protection Act) to provide for no net-loss of federal hunting land for public access by sportsmen
(10) Requested by letter -- dated June 25, 2005 -- that the U.S. Department of the Interior change in their policy on carrying and transportation of firearms in national parks and wildlife refuges

Mr. Philip Van Cleave
November 4, 2006
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(11) Voted for legislation which included a provision to require Senate confirmation of the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) and support H.R. 5092 (BATFE Modernization and Reform Act) to require reform and more accountability at this federal firearms law enforcement agency
(12) Voted for various appropriations bills which included timely and important pro-gun riders providing gun owner privacy, NICS fee (federal gun tax) prohibition, etc.
Indeed my actions are much more important than any words from my opponent who is simply desperate and has no record of support for gun owners in Virginia or elsewhere. Unlike me, Jim Webb has no record on Second Amendment issues but I have one that is extensive, consistent and solidly pro-gun rights. He may make some hollow promises at the eleventh hour but it is impossible to confirm if those are his views and if he will honor any commitment. My record is one than Virginians know, like and can trust. Above are a dozen good reasons for Virginia gun owners and sportsmen to support my candidacy for re-election to the United States Senate.

In the very few instances we may not see eye to eye, I believe I have proven myself
willing to listen, consider and respond. That is not just a promise; that is a track record.

On the issue of repeal of the gun ban in National Parks, I have been a strong advocate for repeal of the ban, and have – for months – urged the Secretary of the Interior to take action. Since no action has been taken, I will introduce legislation in the Senate the week of November 13 to repeal the gun ban. If this does not rapidly precipitate an administrative repeal, I will use every means I can to get a vote on the legislation by the Senate. I also pledge that as your United States Senator, I will use any avenue possible to pass the “District of Columbia Personal Protection Act.” While the Senate, unlike the House, does not utilize discharge petitions, I will work with the bill’s chief sponsors, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Senator John Cornyn, to get the bill out of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and passed either as freestanding legislation or as an amendment.
I deeply appreciate the support that I have received from Virginia’s gun owners and
sportsmen. It is support that I do not take for granted, and I want to continue working with organizations, like the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Virginia Gun Owners Coalition, National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America to promote legislation to protect our Second Amendment rights. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on the trail ahead!
With warm regards, I remain
George Allen