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Thread: 29 percent is the Gun's fault

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    I wrote the following to the editors, doubt it will be published.

    I find it amusing that D.C. still fails to take responsibility for it citizens. ‘Officials [blaming] possession of firearms for deaths’ is misdirected. Virginia allows both Open Carry (no license required – around only 8 States denies Open Carry completely) and Concealed Carry (with license). Yet we do not have anywhere near the crime of D.C. Why don’t the officials look elsewhere instead of taking the easy way out and blaming an inanimate object?

    Nathaniel Breeding
    Dumfries, VA

    It was based on this:

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    What? This is outrageous!! Washington is blaming the deaths on weapons possession???

    I thought handguns were illegal in D.C. This just doesn't make any sense. My head is going to explode.

    Oooo, arrrrgh, mmmmpfff.

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