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Thread: Recent VCDL Alert Re: Newport News guns prohibited signs in libraries

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    Yesterday, VCDL sent out an email alert noting that Philip Van Cleave would be attending the Newport News city council meeting to discuss the signs purporting toprohibit firearms in libraries. This topic had been addressed at the previous council meeting. Philip asked VCDL members to attend if possible, and he noted that he was going to inform the council that they had one week to remove the signs or else VCDL would begin the process of suing the city into compliance with Virginia law.

    I just checked the web-site and my email in-box hoping for an update on this issue. Was anyone on this forum present? Any information on Philip's comments to the council last night, their response, etc would be appreciated.

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    Here is some news relating to this. A men fled into a "safe zone" library in chicago (actually we all know the entire city is a safe zone...Uhemmm) to escape a gang fight. A rival gang member came into the libraryand shot him at the fron desk. I don't believe he even checked for the ghost buster gunsigns.

    CHICAGO Chicago police are searching for the suspect in a shooting at a public library branch yesterday.

    A 20-year-old man was shot in the shoulder as he stood near the front desk of the Marshall Square Branch library on the city's West side.

    Police say the man had gone into the library to escape a gang-related fight outside.

    Witnesses say the gunman opened the front door, fired one shot and then fled.

    The victim is in good condition, and no one else was injured in the shooting.

    Police say no one has been arrested.

    Library officials say the branch will be closed today.

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    Sure thing......Mr. Ron Lilly addressed the council regarding the signs in libraries (he was the first to address the topic at a previous meeting). The council was under the impression that the signs had already been to reflect the wording that the council had "previously settled on". The City Manager indicated that he would ensure that the signs were updated by Friday of these week. Neither the City Manager nor any other members of the council took the time to describe what the "previously settled on" language exactly is. Mr. Lilly and Mr. Van Cleave spoke to the City Manager during a recess and I'm not sure if he ever took the time to explain it to them.

    Mr. Van Cleave addressed the council regarding the proposed 2007 Newport News Legislative agenda, encouraging them to remove any issues regarding limiting gun owner's rights and instead replace with something that had more of a chance of making it somewhere. I guess nobody on the council was really listening because before Mr. Van Cleave could make it back to his seat they had already approved the agenda

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