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Thread: California Firearms Laws Summary Booklet - 2006

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    I just sent a Letter to the Firearms Division of the AG in California.

    The booket on the website does not differentiate between incorporated and unincorporated areas for open carry.

    I sent in a message stating as such,named theappropriate caseand linked the appropriate case law.

    I wonder if there is a penalty for producing a "summary" booklet that contains misleading information.


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    A pamphlet the ISP prepared a number of years ago was pretty good, but also contained several weasel phrases in it that made it appear the law required something that was not actually required.

    I think it is very hard for a government entity to give out legal advice to citizens, especially when that same entity is the one that enforces that law.

    They are going to be inclined to error on the side of caution, and not tell people it is OK to do things that they know their own officers are likely to not know the law allows some conduct.

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