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Thread: Kristen Amundson survey

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    So I get this little postcard in the mail from my member of the House of Delegates, the honorable Kristen Amundson. It's a constituent survey, and she wants to hear from us. So, if you live in her district, now's the time to, ahem, let her know what issues are important to you, gun-owning Virginians. Well, probably not you, exactly, but whatever.

    In the question marked "issue I most want the General Assembly to address in 2007 is:" I skipped all the choices for the usual socialist stuff like schools, transportation, health care, etc., and in the "Other" space I wrote in "Repeal the restaurant concealed gun ban".

    Just thought she ought to know...

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    She knows only those people who care about one of those issues, and are willing to put a .39 stamp ON A POSTCARD will respond. But she can tout that she listens.


    However, I will be putting a bug in her ear about the restaurant carry ban. Given her 2A stance, it might really put a sticker in her britches if she gets lots of those.

    Let the fun begin!
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