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Thread: Need Help Buying a Gun

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    I'm looking for info about Taurus' concealed carry revolvers. The model I am interested in buying istheirCIA--Carry It Anywhere.

    I'm interested in the hammerless version. However, the hammerless one I handled at a firearms dealer had a very heavy trigger pull weight.They should have supplied a towing hitch and an F150. I know what I'm talking about here. Ifrequently dry-fire my PT-92in DAbecauseIcarry it hammer-down.ThePT-92 trigger is significantly lighter in DA than this DA-only revolver.

    I have one verbal reportthat they are made under license from S&W and are very similar to a J-frame. And that a gunsmith can lighten the pull weight.

    I've owneda fewrecreational SA revolvers over the years. And have had an auto for self-defense. What I'm lacking is experience with small-frame DAOrevolvers.

    Anyinfo would be appreciated.

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    I don't have one, so take this for what it cost you. :P

    It could be having a hard pull due to:

    Unfired condition - every part istight and needs to be broken in.

    Different grip style than a PT-92 so the muscles would work harder/differently.

    You are also turning the cylinder when you pull the trigger.


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    I thought the PT-92 was the taurus rip-off of the beretta 92FS?

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    I believe Taurus first started with some of S&W's old machinery. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. A lot of Taurus guns are copies of other manufacturers' such as Beretta and S&W, but I think they are good quality. I have nothing again Taurus.

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