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Thread: VCDL PAC needs contributions now to send signal to General Assembly!

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    No need to reside inVA to contribute - can everybody do $25 or more? i just did.


    ************************************************** ****
    26. Don't forget to put the VCDL-PAC on your holiday gift list!
    ************************************************** ****

    The next VA General Assembly session starts in January - it's time to
    build momentum thru VCDL Political Action Committee ("PAC")
    contributions at:

    Every VA Delegate and Senator is up for re-election in Fall 2007 -
    they need to know NOW that the VCDL PAC is strong and funded!

    Right now, the PAC has only $6,989 on hand - see page 8 of

    The Senate, which is currently a disgrace, is going to receive the
    lion's share of the VCDL-PAC's attention as the Senate desperately
    needs some new pro-gun blood. We want Senators that both
    talk-the-talk AND walk-the-walk.

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    Done. Thanks for posting this Mike.
    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Thomas Jefferson

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    Only 8 more days folks till Xmas!

    Let's get your 2006 contribution in now so we can start the new year strong!

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