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Thread: Besides resturants, where else have you OC'd? Grade your experience...

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    I OC'd in Costco's in Crystal City, VAon Monday afternoon. It was packed...I could feel a few people looking, probably in shock or something,but no drama and no questions...didn't do any shopping though...went on to renew mymembership, no problem. Grade A

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    Well usually everywhere I go I OC, and it's pretty much a mixed bag (I've been asked to leave some places, but 95% of the time there are no problems). My favorite place I've OC'ed was the museum of fine arts because you get to see preemption in action. They ask you to leave, you say no, and you get to look at some art. Good way to flex your rights.

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    I have OC'd in Best Buy, Sam's Club, BJ"s Wholesale, Sears (Chesapeake Square Mall), Old Navy, Wal-Mart (several occasions and two different Wal-Marts), Target, Beach Ford, Cavalier Ford all without incident. I got some looks and sneers while at Wal-Mart in Chesapeake(Battlefield Blvd) from a customer but nothing else. I would say for a Grade an A.

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    Walgreens - Denbigh and Jefferson - A+

    7-11 - Denbigh and Jefferson - A+

    Dodge's Chicken - Jefferson Av (Near Ft. Eustis Blvd) - A+

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    Well............... since you asked:

    (all York County, unless otherwise noted)

    East Coast Gas
    Raceway gas
    7-11, Grafton
    Grafton True Value hardware
    A and N sports
    Food Lion
    Rite Aid
    Advance Auto
    Winfree's Firearms
    Firestone Tire and Auto
    Lowe's, NN
    HQ, NN
    Radisson Hotel, Norfolk
    Aamco Transmission, NN
    Auto Zone
    Movie Scene videos
    Roses Dep't store
    CostCo, NN
    Movie Stop, NN
    Heritage Barbershop
    Hallmark Cards
    Dollar Tree
    Bass Pro, Hampton
    UPS store
    ColdStone Icecream, NN
    Barnes and Noble, NN
    Verizon Wireless, NN
    Northern Tool and Equipment, NN

    There were others, but you get the drift.

    Since I have had no negative experiences, and generally no response from people at all, I'd have to rate the whole thing an A

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    My favorite experience so far is described here:

    I've yet to be challenged or questioned in any negative way while OC. Overall, so far, an "A"
    Laws alone can not secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be spirit of tolerance in the entire population. -Albert Einstein

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