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Thread: Gun Rights Advocates Podcast (Internet radio show)

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    I'd like to say hi to everyone from Massachusetts. My name is Mark Vanderberg and I am a host of the Gun Rights Advocates Podcast.

    I just recently found out about and I think they are doing a wonderful job for the gun rights community. The reason that we are winning the battle against the anti-gun forces in our country is because of average citizens like the founders of doing the things they do.

    Mark Vanderberg
    Host of the Gun Rights Advocates Podcast

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    Hi Gunrights, Im new to this too, I am a member of and have got very much info on how to obtain Licenses to carry in many states, I have been with them for 4 years or more now, I tryed to log on to but they are changing something in their site, I think the format for the 2 new right to carry states of the new year KS and NE, maybe tomorrow I will find out how many states will be on my license to carry, Im a Lowell Resident of Mass and one the lucky ones that got my License for All Lawful Purposes, Hope you had a happy new year, I fell asleep, lol!

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    MA has no reciprocal agreements with any other states! If you want a greater coverage map in general I would also get a Florida or Utah permit. You must have a FL non-res CWL to carry in FL as MA resident. But if your travels take you to MN or WA get the Utah. If you print your own money get them both!

    Good luck,

    Enjoy your freedom & safety

    Of course, MT, ID UT, AZ, SD, OK, TX, MO, IN, KY & TN honor just about any permit Resident or not. MI will recognize anybodies resident permit.

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