Forum Users,

I appreciate all your comments about my posts posted on forums. It was not my intention to use the forums as an advertising medium for my Podcast. I don't really need to, because I've already had over 9500 download requests for the Podcast in the first six months since I started it and I've had more than 3000 visits to the web site. I was simply using it as a way of letting everyone know, what an excellent job, the founders of are doing and hoping to encourage other gun rights advocates to go the extra mile as well.

I personally have e-mailed the webmasters of and requested that they delete my account along with all the messages that I posted. But this time, they have not done so. I do understand that users of forums do not like spamming but that was not my intention. I'm sorry for any of the inconvenience this might have caused.

Just remember, "It's not about guns, It's about freedom"

Mark Vanderberg
Host of the Gun Rights Advocates Podcast