I bring you two stories of self-defense from the Seattle Times.

Story 1: Two die in Lewis County shooting

In this story, a homeowner is visited by an old"friend" and three people he didn't know. The friend and two others distracted him while the third broke into his gun safe. He noticed that he was being distracted, got his rifle, and confronted the problem. There was a gunfight that resulted in the death of the safe-cracker and the "friend." The homeowner was shot in the ear with a rifle, but it was not life-threatening. This complicated case isn't the clearest case of self-defense, but the homeowner is not being charged with anything at this time.

Story 2:
Homeowner fatally shoots intruder in Federal Way

This story seems pretty straightforward. A burglar breaks into a house in the late morning expecting nobody to be home. Owner is still in bed, wakes up, and shoots intruder in the chest with a shotgun.

--Sandy (WA)