As I was skimming through the article, I noticed the spokesman for the NYPDbelieved insomething to catch my eye...
Browne blamed the rise in part on the availability of guns, particularly weapons from out of state. The city this year sued dozens of out-of-state gun shops that it says are responsible for many of the illegal weapons on the streets of New York.

The first picture that came to my mind is that the gun shops have conveyor belts underground that send all types of firearms AND ammo to various parts of NY. All someone needs to do is pick up their firearm & ammo and be on their way.

Or better yet, the gun shops built little walking legs, micro processor, and a backpack to carry the ammo, into the guns. That way, they could either walk, hitchhike, carjack, catch the bus, take a flight (1st class), all the way to NY.

Maybe I should petition to have the city sue Radioshack and various radar detector companies for being responsiblefor"illegal" detectors in the state of VA. :what:

I'm personally going to sue Dodge for making the SRT-4 & 8 & 10 being able to eclipse the speed limit in under 6 seconds. That is TOTALLY illegal and I want them to be responsible for doing such things. :P