Safer Living With Guns

Saturday, January 6, 2007; Page A16

In "Washington Region's Homicides Fall Sharply" [front page, Jan. 1], I couldn't help but notice that the overwhelming majority of murders in 2006 were in the District and Maryland. In fact, the article noted that "Fairfax maintained one of the lowest homicide rates in the country among large jurisdictions."

Could it be related to the fact that law-abiding Virginians are allowed to carry handguns, while Maryland citizens may not, and District residents can't even have them in their homes?


Wow, I almost fainted in disbelief when I saw this How the heck did this get published The WaPo editors must have all been on winter vacation and some pro-2A web hacker infiltrated their accounts while they were away.

To answer Mr. Wolfe's question, I believe the answer is "YES" Is this guy a member of VCDL or OCDO If not, sign him up Cheers