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Thread: Stolen Library Book Leads to Shooting

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    I will preface this article by asking the antis if we don't need guns in libraries then why do some libraries have armed guards? Now what kind of moron shoots at someone for a book?

    Stolen Library Book Leads to Shooting?
    ANDERSON, S.C. (AP) - Police say a security guard at the Anderson County Library fired his gun at a car after the driver triggered a security alarm.

    Police say security guard James Turner asked the woman to stop after the alarm went off as she left around 5 o'clock Saturday afternoon.

    A police report states Turner chased the woman as she ran to her car and he said the bumper brushed his knee as she pulled away.

    Police say the guard then fired into the driver's door. Authorities say the woman kept going and they don't know if she was hurt.

    Library director Carl Stone says he's asked Cherokee Security Systems not to send Turner back to the library. Stone says no one should be hurt over a missing library book.

    (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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    I'm telling ya, it's that whole 'vehicle thing'. Seems like anyone drives within 10 feet of someone with 'authority' and a gun they get shot at. This guy might see criminal charges. Does SC have a 'stand your ground' type law that includes property?
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    longwatch wrote:
    Now what kind of moron shoots at someone for a book?
    “She started forward slowly and then she hit me,” James Turner said. “That’s when I fired my weapon. And she gunned it.”

    Wasn't the book. It wasapparantly the attempted murder of a security guard with a motor vehicle that did the trick. :?

    Just another goof with a gun.

    Guard speaks out about library shooting
    By Charmaine Smith-Miles (Contact)
    Tuesday, January 9, 2007

    As James Turner stared down at car headlights headed for him in the Anderson County Library parking lot on Saturday, he said instinct told him to pull his weapon and fire.

    “When the car started to move, I pulled my weapon,” said Mr. Turner, a longtime security guard who had been assigned to the library since October. “It all went down in a split second. And I was afraid for my life. It scared me so bad I had to go to the hospital that night.”

    The one shot Mr. Turner fired as woman fled the library for an unknown reason has rocked the library and may lead to new security policies. It is the first known shooting at the library. The woman was not believed injured, but hasn’t been identified.

    Mr. Turner said he responded after the woman refused to stop after she set off an alarm while exiting the library.

    On Saturday, he said, the situation he faced was truly bizarre. Mr. Turner said he feels that whatever she was running from was more than the threat of punishment for stealing a book. He said he asked her several times to stop. As she ran out of the building, he said she turned to him and told him to stop chasing her.

    Once in the parking, she headed for the car, aimed at him and put it in drive, he said.

    “She started forward slowly and then she hit me,” James Turner said. “That’s when I fired my weapon. And she gunned it.”

    Mr. Turner, 50, said he has encountered all types of situations at the library. Just a week before, he said he had trouble getting an intoxicated man to leave the library. In that case, he said he called the police and had the man arrested.

    He also said some people have had their wallets stolen, and he has been cursed at by teenagers when they are told to throw away drinks and the like.

    Police have not been able to track down the woman. She was seen leaving in a red vehicle, but the guard did not get her tag number.

    The incident has prompted library Director Carl Stone to consider using the Anderson County Park Police instead of a private firm. In the meantime, Mr. Stone said he has asked guards to work the library without guns at their side. The issue of guards using firearms has never been discussed, he said.

    Cherokee Security Systems, where Mr. Turner is employed, has provided security at the library for nearly 20 years. The owner of the company, Roger E. Turner, defended his guard’s actions. The men are not related.

    “He just barely got out of her way,” Roger Turner said. “At that split-second moment, he feared for his life. It was just a survival instinct. People can second-guess his decision but it was his life.”

    All privately employed security guards are certified through a six-hour course approved by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. Those who carry guns must also go through firearms training. And each year, guards’ must submit to a criminal background check to keep their guard certification.

    Once they have the certification, the guards have the same arresting power as a deputy.

    In James Turner’s case, he had worked for Pinkerton Security before he was hired on at Cherokee. From 1986-88, James Turner worked as a guard at the library. He went on to guard several other local companies and then came back to the library in October.

    As far as James Turner sees it, he said the library is a lot more dangerous than people realize and that security guards he knows won’t work with the public, in a similar situation, without having a firearm.

    “You cannot get a police officer to go up there without a gun,” James Turner said. “We get into the same situations as police do. So why put us out there where we can get our heads blown off?”

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    He's like the people who do "brake checks" because they don't like a tailgater...

    He stands in front of the car, provokes the lady by pulling his gun, and now in fear for her life, she drives off. Now the security thug "fears" for his life, "justifying" the use of deadly force against her.

    I can't stand bullies and armed thugs.

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