84-year-old homeowner shoots intruder

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Jan 12, 2007 08:42 PM PST


Memphis police are investigating a home invasion that ended in a shooting.

Police say 84-year-old Willie Hancox called911aroundtwo Friday afternoon to say thathe had shot an intruder.

Hancox says he fired two shots, hitting an intruder twice in the head.

Hancox says he is sick of the crime in his community.

"He said if they come in the door, I'm not gonna let them kill me and he meant that," says neighbor, Dorothy Dickerson.

Dickerson lives across the street and looks after Hancox.

Dickerson adds, "I say God is good, cause they had no business in there, and whoever did that got what they deserved. And, I say it in front of they face, not behind they back and I mean it."

Dickerson's sentiment isshared by mostneighbors.

"He did the right thing," says neighbor,Markel Dickerson."People that's law abiding people is getting tired of being pushed around by the thugs and thieves and dope dealers."

That's why Mr. Hancox had a gun, one his sons recently tried to take from him.

"We came over here that Saturday morning he said, hey, where's my gun, I need it back.I told him dad, you dont' really need a gun in this house." says Jake Hancox.

Jake Hancox says after speaking withhis brother, thetwo decided togive the gun back to their father.

Now, both brothers are glad they listened.Jake Hancox says that the situation could have easily ended the other way around.

"Maybe somebody looks at the situation here and they might not do it," says Hancox.

It's a message homeowners hope criminals hear as loud and clear as a gunshot.

The intruder is listed in critical condition.