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Thread: Full pre-emption bill introduced in Nevada

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    An end to gun registration in Clark County?
    NRA | 1/10/07 | NRA

    Posted on 01/14/2007 1:14:11 AM PST by Richard-SIA

    From my latest NRA e-mail!
    Currently, it's illegal to own or possess a handgun in Clark County, Nevada, unless it's registered with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
    This means that if you have a Nevada Right-to-Carry permit from any other county outside of Clark County, your pistol must be registered in Clark County if you are there more than one day.
    Even if you come to Clark County to participate in a pistol-shooting event or gun show that lasts more than one day, your pistol must be registered with the sheriff of Clark County.
    The Nevada Revised Statutes (244.364) establishes a uniform state law for all firearms in the state of Nevada.
    However, when the law was passed in 1989, Clark County was "grandfathered," which means that any and all local ordinances governing firearms before the law went into effect were allowed to stand.
    State Senator John Lee (D-Clark County), is introducing legislation in the 2007 Session (BDR S-45) that will eliminate this "grandfather clause" from the State Firearms Preemption Law.
    This will remove the patchwork of local gun laws and protect law-abiding Nevada gun owners from inadvertently becoming criminals.
    It is vital that NRA members communicate with their legislators prior to the session start date of February 5, while they are still in the districts, and ask them to join Senator Lee and co-author this very important piece of legislation.
    BDR S-45 has yet to be assigned a bill number, but when it does go to print, it would send a strong message of support to Senator Lee if it had your legislator's name attached as a co-author.
    Thank you for your support!
    Please keep checking your e-mail and for future updates on this threat to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the State of Nevada.

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    OK lets all please keep the fingers crossed and let your politicians know you SUPPORT this bill. Not certain, but if I read it right, this would also remove the North Las Vegas and Boulder city bans on OC and vehicle possession, giving NV gold star status, finally.


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