I'd like to see it taken a little further but it's a step in the right direction.

INDIANAPOLIS - It's that time of year for Girl Scout cookies. The Girl Scouts of central Indiana kicked off their cookie sale Saturday. But the Girl Scouts did more than sell cookies, they learned how to protect themselves from predators.
Girl Scouts in the Indianapolis area learned a few moves, if a stranger approaches.
"Kids have no idea what sexual assault is, kids have no idea what abusive relationships are. I think one important thing is that we need to empower our young women with the resources to recognize what violence is so we can reduce it," Paul Danylewich with the White Tiger Group said.
Forty girls, all teenagers attended the workshops which also included instruction by two IMPD officers.
"Like when people come up to you; you shouldn't go into their cars. You shouldn't listen to them and self defense can help me with any problems I might have when I'm walking home from school or something like that," Girl Scout Myia Girton said.
"I learned how to get away from two wrist grabs. When they grab you with two hands and when they grab you with one hand; there's a certain way you have to learn how to do it you have to go against the thumbs," Girl Scout Rachel Morris said.
The skills learned, and awareness gained will help in keeping these girls safe.
The girl scouts sponsor the workshops each year.