This is great news folks - his board is working really well, almost all posters are focussing on the OC issue, the associated rules of law, avoiding personal attacks, and not spreading disinformation and rumors aboutopen carry laws to confuse others, either on purpose, or not.

Let's keep it up. Our penalty flag system is unique - whoever made that up....THANKS!

Next step - more state activism is needed to turn those 6 red states denying OC rights, and keep the other states and localities in line when tit comes to upholding the OC rights we do have - which are substantial! I ahve not heard from TCDL for a while - maybe they need some help or somebody in TX to take it over. I like to see TX at least get some sort of OC bill in this year.

In the meantime, I hope to see anyone from any state who can make it Tuesday from 2-5:30 PM in DC for the anti-Bloomberg protest rally outside the Capitol Hilton (216th and K streets). will have signs and is leading the effort.