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Thread: Another Pro 2-A Letter in WaPo - Amazing!!

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    The District's Gun Ban Is a Failure

    Thursday, January 25, 2007; Page A24

    Regarding the Jan. 15 Metro article "Police Charge Suspect, Continue Probe of Break-Ins," about armed home invasions in Northwest Washington:

    I can't think of a more effective illustration of the utter failure of the District's gun control laws.We have citizens who expect to be robbed, to be mugged and to suffer break-ins but are surprised when armed robbers brazenly enter homes that are obviously occupied.

    Why wouldn't a criminal feel free to attack a District resident or residence? By definition, law-abiding District residents have no effective means to protect themselves.

    It's well past time to dump our failed gun "control" laws, which ensure that only criminals have guns. We'd be a much safer city if violent criminals' safety wasn't so certain.

    It's time for someone intent on harming you to think twice and wonder whether you or a bystander might have the means to use deadly force to stop him from raping, pillaging or plundering -- even in the sanctity of one's own home.




    Maybe there is some hope for DC after all. Can we make him an honorary member of VCDL?

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    I'll pay his membership fee.

    Thanks for posting this. I didn't notice it here, and I just posted it in the Virginia area. I was flabbergasted to see another pro-gun letter.

    (Did they get a new editorial board when we weren't looking?)
    Laws alone can not secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be spirit of tolerance in the entire population. -Albert Einstein

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    The more intelligent law abiding citizens that write letters to the editor stating crime statistics, what the actual laws are, etc. the more people that will be informed of such goings on and perhaps have a change of mind as far as what their beliefs are. I mean when you write letters to the editor of a paper, its 1 exercising your freedom of speech and 2. its free publicity. If the paper is fair and truely unbiased then they will print your letters that way all sides of the issue are brought up in the discussion. It just goes to show that people are paying attention to what is being printed in these papers, and the things you write say or do, do have an effect on these peoples beliefs in the Washington DC area. I wonder how many washington DC LEO's are out there who are tired of securing murder scenes, tired of investigating felonies, when all of this in fact could be prevented through changing the existing laws that are put as a deterent for the average citizen to defend themselves. Open carry and concealed carry are definately tools that would save the District millions in prevented crimes. I think its going to become a hot topic in the next year though honestly because you can put money into schools, put money into roads, hire more police but if none of this is doing anything about the crime rate, then perhaps its time to examine a new approach. Rather than spending millions on surveys, investigations, congressional inquiry's and trying to figure out a solution to stop the current ongoing criminal enterprise that is operating in the Washington DC/Maryland area, why not use existing models from other states. The Castle Doctrine in Florida and other states has been effective in saving those states millions in legal fee's, allowing police departments to free up resources to be dedicated to other things like crime prevention, dare program, etc, instead of having to put together major crimes task forces etc. That set of laws free's up the states court systems that are being swamped with legal proceedings by career criminals who are practically walking paralegals in the sense that they are using the loopholes in law to weasel their way out of jail and sentencing. Until this happens, the madness will continue, I think its safe to say that every night is Halloween in DC/Md area. If you don't believe me turn on the police scanner up here and listen to the craziness that comes over it.

    Some of the things I would like to state just proving how bad it is in this area, is... The former chief of police of MPDC (Metropolitan Police of District of Columbia) had his cop car stolen from out in front of his house. There have been various instances where police cars, fire trucks, ambulances have been stolen in theDC/MD area. When will the politicians decide enough is enough and come up with a new crime fighting strategy, one that focuses on crime prevention instead of investigation? When will they realize that the existing laws they have made over the course of the years have not done their job, have done nothing but made criminals out of ordinary citizens and the actual career criminals are sliding in and out of the system because overcrowded jails have no room to hold them, judges that don't issue restraining/peace orders and then the offender strikes against that person like that lady who got set on fire in PG county after the judge refused to continue the restraining order against her ex husband? I'll tell you what, what I have seen over the last few years makes me sick. When my friend gets robbed at gunpoint walking home from work for 14 dollars, his jacket, shoes, and a cellphone, and the police tell him there is nothing they can do, that within the last month someone else across the street was robbed at gunpoint on her porch attempting to enter her house? Or the home invasions that plague the area, these "ghetto swat teams" who sit around smoking rock and reading swat magazine, and then turn around go stack on some random persons house, invade it, ransack it, rape the women, beat the men, take what they want, and leave meanwhile even if you had the means to defend yourself you cannot legally do so without fearing legal action against you? Its nice to know that former Governor Parrris Glendenning (dem) of Maryland has a CCW permit, so that he can protect himself and his family against criminals in this "free state". Its the free state alright, free state of criminals. I think until citizens band together and decide enough is enough and start polling, taking surveys, demanding referendums, speaking out at community action meetings about who the anti gunners are and what they have done to the District as well as Md, then the criminal enterprise will continue unchecked.

    there was an incident I thought was interesting. I was driving up the Suitland Parkway one night into DC with a MPDC cop car following me, and I saw an individual walking up the sidewalk wearing black pants, no shirt, and had some sort of AK style assault weapon walking at a modified port arms up the block. The cop im sure saw this and did nothing. Im guessing he figured that if he attempted to he would surely be wasted in attempting to confront this individual. Dial 911 your thinking. How many of you have dialed 911 in PG or DC and were put on hold. Police response time is silly as well, unless its a violent felony, they really don't care to hear about it. Many of these reports have made the news up in that area, and im guessing city resources are resolving the problem. Thats real convenient to the guy getting robbed. After reading this, you should be mad that this kind of mayhem goes on. And its not just a DC problem, its a Maryland problem as well, and until all of the citizens come up with an action plan on something nothing will be done about it.

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