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It was a great night for gun owners in general! First I have some
urgent action items for you to do:

You guys smoked the House General Law Committee! Thanks to your
efforts the onerous language in HB 2821 was removed. Unfortunately
that bill was still recommended to be sent off to a 'study.'

Unless we can stop that from happening, it is dead - studies are just
cover to kill a bill.

I am turning off the HB 2821 message, but I need to you send a
message on a matching bill, SB 819, that Senator Cuccinelli has in
the Senate:


Only one anti-gun bill squeaked by the Militia, Police, and Public
Safety subcommittee #1 tonight by a vote of 3 to 2: HB 2998 put in by
anti-gunner Democrat Jim Scott. This bill would terminate a person's
gun rights if his or her parental rights were terminated. Parental
rights termination is a CIVIL, not a criminal thing. It has two
other bad flaws: it an involve only misdemeanors AND all that is
needed to your to lose parental rights is a preponderance of
evidence, which is much, much lower standard than is found in a
criminal case.

So we must now really let the House hear from us on this bill and NOW!



There is one more bill we need to act on NOW. This bill would let a
judge carry concealed (HB 2593), even if he had committed certain
crimes! You and I would lose our permits for three years if we got a
DUI, like Hanover County Circuit Court Judge John Richard Alderman
(son-in-law of Delegate Frank Hargrove) did in 2004. Why should a
judge be allowed to carry for crimes that would disqualify the rest
of us?

Let judges get permits like the rest of us and live with the same
restrictions that we have to live with (except carrying in a
Courthouse, of course).