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Thread: Washington (DC) Times Letter to the Editor 1/26/07

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    Another LTE, but in the right-leaning (and smaller circulation)Washington Times of DC. Enjoy!

    Letters to the editor
    January 26, 2007

    Guns and the Naked City
    It should be noted that Mayors Michael Bloomberg and Thomas Menino come from heavily anti-gun states ("Sights on illegal guns," Commentary, Tuesday). Their efforts to turn their constituents into victims by disarming them has been so successful that they are experiencing persistent and rising crime rates because the criminals have nothing to fear.
    However, as with most anti-gunners, they refuse to admit this increase in crime is their fault, and because of this failure to admit a mistake, they are pushing to make all law-abiding persons into victims.
    It's not just a crime issue, as they claim, it's a privacy issue, and moreover, it's a Second Amendment issue. They need to stop attacking the Constitution, start repealing their "do nothing" laws and then give the people back their ability to defend themselves effectively. After that is done, they will see the crime rate decrease because no criminal wants to go up against an armed person.

    Frederick, Md.

    May I suggest that all letters to the editor be posted in the News and Political Alerts section of this excellent forum?

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    Good Suggestion XD. Here's mine...

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