Good catch XD. Here's one I saw this AM in the Washington Post.

The District's Gun Ban Is a Failure
Thursday, January 25, 2007; Page A24

Regarding the Jan. 15 Metro article "Police Charge Suspect, Continue Probe of Break-Ins," about armed home invasions in Northwest Washington:

I can't think of a more effective illustration of the utter failure of the District's gun control laws.

We have citizens who expect to be robbed, to be mugged and to suffer break-ins but are surprised when armed robbers brazenly enter homes that are obviously occupied.

Why wouldn't a criminal feel free to attack a District resident or residence? By definition, law-abiding District residents have no effective means to protect themselves.

It's well past time to dump our failed gun "control" laws, which ensure that only criminals have guns. We'd be a much safer city if violent criminals' safety wasn't so certain.

It's time for someone intent on harming you to think twice and wonder whether you or a bystander might have the means to use deadly force to stop him from raping, pillaging or plundering -- even in the sanctity of one's own home.