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    So tonight it was confirmed! There are other law abiding citizens that open carry in the tidewater area. I have been carrying for over a year here and tonight was the first time i had ever seen anyone else carrying openly besides our meetings. I had just finished a night with my little girl at her gymboree class and we went to get a bite to eat. As i walked into the Uno's on military circle i noticed right away a gentlemen wearing his glock. Now he may have been CC before, but was wearing it proudly in the open (due to the stupid law). Unfortunately I decided to leave the firearm home since we were at a children's play group and could not believe it. The one time i met up with someone else.. its at home. I was wearing my VCDL hat at the time which came up in conversation while we were waiting for a table. The other guy was also a member and I gave him a card that i had printed up which has this website on it. I also told him that we would love for him and his family to join us at the next dinner. Whoo hoo... maybe another person to join us for dinner.....we will see.

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    Way to go doc!!! I told a lot of people at the Scope Gun Show today about our monthly Open Carry dining outs - and thankfully my bride has changed jobs and we will be able to start joining you'all again. Keep up the great work!!!

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    Last thursday, I saw a young guy oc'ing in Moe's Southwest grill as me and the guys I work with were eating. I think I was the only one in the place that noticed, but I did point it out to the others at my table. I was stoked as it was the first person outside of our dinners that I had seen oc'ing.

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    I think I posted on a previous thread about seeing someone at Lowe's sometime back. I didn't get to speak with him, but I didn't recognize him as one of our group, so there are others out there!

    Our group continues to grow in both numbers and enthusiasm. I have this feeling that at some point we might read about ourselves in the local papers: something I actually have great ambivalence about, given the media's notorious bias and its ability to distort stories to conform to their anti-second amendment agenda.

    Maybe we should take the bull by the horns and invite Tamara Dietrich to one of our get togethers!

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