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Thread: VA AG McDonnell says "no" to school board gun bans!

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    I am about to read this a 2d time - this looks good.

    The opinion seems to reinforce the text of the code that the gun ban is only applicable in buildings and on grounds of an elementary or secondary school - not any building/grounds of a sch. district.

    meaning, the FCPS board could not even ban guns at a school district building that was not on the grounds of an elem. or sec. school!

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    That does sound good.

    I remember that they threw a hissy fit when a gentleman open carried at a school board meeting. Their reaction was embarrassing.

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    Great news! Now let's see if the cry loud enough to try to get 2.2-505 ammended. It would just be easier for them to hold the meetings on school property, solving their one dilemma and , oh by the way, negating the need to pay for a separate building and maintenance at the taxpayers expense! Ain't life grand?

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