See news item about aMother who loses parental rights for what appears to be "failure to protect" -

Under Del. Scott's HB 2998, the Mother would lose her gun rights for life in VA, even if 20 years later she cleaned up her act and had a new family to protect, and she would be banned from being able touse a gun to protect her family - luckily the House of Delegates made the bill a little better by removing the "failure to protect" conduct from the scope of this lifetime gun ban at the "preponderance of the evidence standard” - see

Do you agree with Del. Scott that a judicial determination, in a civil proceeding, instigated by the machinery of the state, and at far less than a"beyond a reasonable doubt" standard, should result in retroactive lifetime loss of gun rights?

Is this Kafkaesque, or what!!??

This bill is now up for consideration in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee (possibly heard this coming Monday).