I asked John if I could post a link to my WV gun related site and he
said it was ok so here goes

Now open for business - WVGunSwap.com web site and forum.

The forum will be the main part of the site. This is the new place to
post firearms (and other stuff should you desire) to buy, sell and
trade in WV. Also I have set up several community discussion areas
and hopefully besides a lot of good conversation among WVians it will
also drive a much large audience to the Swap Forums.

So please, drop by, register and post often.

And please tell your friends, co-workers, shooting, hunting and
fishing buddies and people you may meet in the street. The more
people we have coming through the site, the more deals to be had in
the Swap Forums and the better chance you have of selling what you
have to sell.

Any suggestions for the web site, please let me know, this is very
much a work in progress.

Hope to see you over in the WVGunSwap Forums!

The Main Site

The WVGunSwap Forum

(And THANK YOU John!)